Our commitment to safety and health is designed to prevent employee accident/injury while promoting a positive environment. When our company meets all of its safety goals, it translates to better service and reduced costs for all of our customers..



In keeping with our pledge to safety and health, Lee employs a safety manager with extensive experience in the development and maintenance of world-class programs. Our safety manager works closely with administrative and field personnel to ensure the company meets or exceeds safety regulations.


Maintenance Equipment de Mexico leaders are an important part of the safety culture. Our team is personally involved in, dedicated and committed to safety in the workplace and on the job site. Our entire staff works with our associates to find and correct safety issues before an accident occurs.


We educate new employees at the start of their employment on the importance of safety within our company. In addition to scheduled safety training, employees are thoroughly trained on the safe practices and potential hazards within their job. We recognize the importance of developing the safety culture early on in an employee’s career.


Maintenance Equipment de Mexico is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, customers and visitors. Safety is a goal for all of us. We strive to eliminate unsafe behaviors and conditions while working together to protect our customers, ourselves and each other. We promote a culture of shared responsibility with a focus on continuous improvement of our safety program. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, organized, clean and efficient job site. Safety of our personnel and customers is always our top priority.


Safety is our top priority at Lee. We strive to maintain the highest safety standards on every job site.



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